June 24, 2017: Dinner With Friends

Dinner with friends including a home cooked meal. It was my turn to cook and the menu and wines follow:

Various Cheeses and Breads and Brandy Compound Butter, BLT Deviled Eggs, 24 Hour Pickled Shrimp with Shallots and Celery Leaves, Cured Green Tomatoes with Toasted Pistachios and Orange Zest, Fennel Braised Short Ribs with Grilled Polenta and Grilled Broccoletti with Pan Gravy, and Lemon Blueberry Moonshine Cake (Bakery Bought).

Wines and review:

Bollinger N/V 1.5ml: Distinct small bubbles giving the wine a creamier than normal mousse. It had aromas of candied lemon preserves and various honeyed nuts. It had bright acidity with a pop of kiwi and banana creme pie. This was showing very well and had been aging nicely in the larger format. I did not remember to check to see when it had been disgorged.  

ROCO RMS 2014: This is the second trying this wine, the first was with the winemaker Rollin Soles at his ROCO estate vineyard. It drank great then, and did this time. This was bright with high acid. Great notes of lemon and apricot. Will love to see how this ages. 

Baumard Savennierres 2008: This was past its prime, although the nose was filled with carmel popcorn, gauva, and citrus. The palate was left flat and empty. 

E. Guigal St Joseph Blanc Leau Dit 2015: Here is another stunner from Guigal. Full of rich honeydew melon, beeswax, apricot, dragon fruit, and lemongrass aromas. The body was full and could handle any flavor we threw at it. It had a medium acid, but a long finish. I needed another bottle or two that evening. 

Chadwick 2006: I have always been a fan of this wine, especially since I bought it much cheaper than its asking price years ago. This was my last bottle of 2006 and I think we timed it just right. The acid and tannins were perfectly balanced, but with nothing lost. It had an aromas of plum, cedar, cranberry, and mint. The body was full and brought a subtle smoky character forward. I would highly recommend this wine in any vintage. 

Shafer Relentless 2013: Like a punch from a retired boxer, it still knows how to leave a mark, and this did just that. I have taste a few different vintages of the Relentless, but this was the best to my best recollection. It Shafer's showing of Syrah and Petite Sirah. The nose was strong with hints of blackberry, black cherry, warm spices such as cardamom, old leather, tar, and fresh raspberry. It had an expected full mouthfeel with full tannins gripping at my cheeks. It was a little young and will be spectacular in a few more years. Give it time. 

Lafaurie Peyreguey 2003: Bordeaux usually makes an appearance at the dinners and this time it was from Sauternes. At 14 years old, this one was hitting its prime and perfect with a lemon blueberry moonshine cake. It had aged aromas of candied pecans, apricots, citrus, subtle petroleum notes, wet stones, and calvados. It was full bodied, with a viscous full on gums. The finish was very long lasting and worth every last drop.