Vinyl&Wine 4: Chuck Berry + Catena Malbec

There are a handful of vinyl records I constantly play at home. There are some that just have a sentimental value or sounds as if they are singing right to my soul. St. Louis to Frisco to Memphis by the Legend Chuck Berry is one of them. It is a double vinyl with a collection of live recordings including the memorial Filmore concert in San Francisco backed by the amazing Steve Miller Band. I remember when I was a teenager and just learning to play guitar, I found a love for rockabilly and the early 1950-1960’s blues rock sound. Chuck Berry is the godfather of this sound. His music was simple, raw, and most importantly, the kids found it very easy to dance to helping the movement sky rocket on the radio and concert halls. Most importantly he made no fuss about playing to white and black kids alike. His music is for all. When I first got ahold of my the Filmore recording, I was expecting that fast paced sound of Maybelline and Johnny B Goode, but found a slower jam band sound. It was so unexpected. But with the Steve Miller Band backing up Berry, the sound was bound to stray from the typical quick rock n’ roll sound us fans were used to.  This Vinyl is loaded with harmonica, keyboards, and steady drum beats.  This is present is tracks like Everyday I have the blues and Rockin’ at the Filmore, but is slows way down and jams out on tracks such as C.C. Rider and Feelin’ it flying Home.

As the godfather of pop blues stuck a chord with me personal on this album, he is still going strong playing shows all over the world today. If there is one thing you can say about Chuck Berry it’s that longevity has been no problem for him. I’m sure it is a little easier when you are an originator of a sound. When I listen to this vinyl, a lot of times I’ll listen with a beer, but wine works too.

The vinyl pairs really well with Catena Malbec. Argentinian malbec is nothing new to wine drinkers these days, and it is safe to say that the Catena label is well recognized in local wine shops across the world. The Catena family was one of the first major wine families in the Mendoza region, and has successfully created a brand with longevity ahead of them. I was fortunate to speak with Laura Catena and watch a lecture with her in Washington D.C. and she said her father early on was trying to emulate what the Mondavis have did with Cabernet Sauvignon in California decades earlier. I believe they were successful in doing just that with the Malbec production and sell thousands, probably millions of cases a year of Catena wine. The Cantena Malbec has longevity and opens up great with a perfume intriguing to the senses like Chuck Berry’s St. Louis to Frisco to Memphis vinyl. There is nothing like a great pairing of classic originators of truly stylistic shifts to the senses. 

Full live album of the Filmore concert from 1967 in San Francisco. 

My Vinyl and My Wine

My Vinyl and My Wine