Vinyl&Wine 3: Lilac and Champagne + Dr. Loosen Blue Slate Reisling

The word relax comes to mind when I listen to Lilacs and Champagne. I only found this group because of their name. As a champagne lover, I had to click on the “also suggested” link on itunes. I fell in love with them and more specifically the album, Danish & Blue. I believe this duo is hails from New York City. Lilacs and Champagne is Alex Hall and Emil Amos. Together they created strangely warped mixture of guitar solos and mixed jazz, with beats from deep under the earth’s soil.  There are a lot of tracks filled with ambient sounds which give tracks like le Grand a resonance that reaches deep inside your gut. The album Danish and Blue is a well-traveled journey from start to finish. It is all-in-all an instrumental album with a few tracks sampling in words.  I have to admit, I am not the foremost authority on this genre of music. To be honest, I don’t even know what genre it is. My Itunes files are blank for genre. I don’t normally listen to many groups like this, but in my rack, I would join them with groups like Medeski, Martin, & Wood, The Herbaliser from London.  Truly this is a creative album and project. When there are nights I need to just chill out and slow the heartbeat, drink some white wine and shut my eyes. This Lilacs and Champagne vinyl is a great start.

I am not sure why, but I usually am drifting towards white wine with this album. It is a hard album to understand, but maybe because the contrast of subterranean mixes from the vinyl and bright acidity and lighter floral notes from the white wine, they blend well together. Riesling tends to work very well for me and is a varietal my wife and I always have in the house. We have bottles from New York, Washington, and Germany in the wine cellar. One of our favorite is from Dr. Ernst Loosen, his Blue Slate Kabinet Reisling, which is a dryer style of German Riesling. It has great bright acidity and notes of clean minerals. Almost like that refreshing taste of drinking cold bottle of pure spring water. There is just a quality about it that touches deep and reaches deep into the soil. If you have ever been to or seen pictures of the terraced vineyards where these grapes grow, you know these vines have to reach deep for water and nutrients. Though the juice in the completely opposite of the Lilacs and Champagne Vinyl, they both of have been created from somewhere deep within the earth. 

Lilacs and Champagne

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