Vinyl&Wine 2: The Wild Feathers + Marietta Petite Sirah

I am a big fan of storytelling and backwoodsy anthem-fueled music. I discovered a band a while ago called The Wild Feathers from Nashville, Tennessee. Their songs are the quintessential heartfelt American, country, roots, and blues songs you would expect to find from a music town like Nashville. They have been compared to everyone from the Allman Brothers to Tom Petty to Black Crowes and the Grateful Dead. This five piece band shares vocals and stories all across the album, and with the listener.  The great thing about this self – titled album is the layers and depth of the production quality.  It has an airiness and ethereal sense of compassion to it. It sounds great on my laptop, but even better when I spin the wax with a glass of wine. There is enough grit and unctuousness to this album to make this a fantastic pairing with one of my favorite grapes in the world, Petite Sirah.

The last time I listened to the Wild Feathers, I paired it with a glass Marietta Petite Sirah from the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, California. Both vinyl and wine evoke a hard-working country road attitude to me.  As in the track, Hard Wind, the big nature of the wine holds up in depth and finishes long and strong.  If you drink this wine on the east coast like me, think of it traveling on all the back country roads from California to your glass and imagine the stories it would have when it reached you.  I really enjoy this pairing and if you decided to add a char grilled steak to it, your evening would be perfect.  There is a story in the soil and the grapes tell all. 

photo (6).JPG