Operation Rich Dry Rose

(This is my second attempt to write this. After I wrote it, added the image, and was set to publish it, I deleted it by mistake. The 'remove' and 'save and publish' button should not be right next to each other. So annoying.) 

On the eve of my sisters birthday, my family and I gathered in celebration of all the fall birthday which included my sister, grandmother and I. My mother made Jambalaya.  

With a lot of talk of a worldwide wine shortage looming in our future, I thought it would be pertinent to skip a trip to the wine shop, and head down to my cellar to search for something tasty to drink and I came up with another doozy. I found a dry rose from California. Dry roses are gaining in the popularity polls, but still remain as more of a spring seasonal purchase for many retailers and buyers. It is sad that we don't drink them on a more regular basis like on holidays, when we tend to eat a lot of turkey and ham. Dry Roses are a perfect pairing for those kind of holiday meals.  Some of my favorites are anything from the regions Provence and Tavel in Southern France. Claypool Cellars CC Pachyderm Pinot Noir Rose (Yes, it is owned by Les Claypool of Primus), and the bottle I decided on for tonight's enjoyment, Zaca Mesa Z Gris. 

2010 Zaca Mesa Z Gris is predominately made of Grenache with a little kiss of Mourvedre added. These grapes, lend themselves to creating a Tavel-style rose. They are bigger and richer than the more delicate style of Provence like in a bottle of Whispering Angel. The color of the Z gris has dissipated from pink ripe red strawberry to more for a pale pink with hints of orange. That is pretty typical for a roses of nearly 4 years old. Most roses are meant to be drunk young and show off really lively young with bright acidity. I knew that wasn't going to be the case here and I wasn't sure how it was going to show, but it fared well. It was rich with notes of strawberry, citrus and a tartness of cranberry. There was nice mineral notes popping through along the ride and it ended up being a fantastic pairing for my mothers chicken and sausage jambalaya. All in all, this rose held over the few years and I would even say I liked it better now than I remember it tasting at a younger stage. I went back to my cellar this morning to see if I had any left, but to my dismay, it was the last night. The Z Gris is typically a winery exclusive bottling, but I was lucky enough to grab a few bottles when in Virginia. 

Happy Birthday Kate. Hope you enjoyed the Rose. 

Think Pink!

Think Pink!